About Project:

1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle

PLACE : "Odawara Castle" 6- jonai,Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan

Title : "Story of Light"

Description : Human always related with a dream. It always makes human life continue towards the better. So is the story of the light which started by human dream with the appearence of the first fire. They want to carry the fire everywhere without making the bonfire, because of it, human make the very first borch fueled by coconut oil and use it to light up the road and their houses. The borch lit when the oil is placed in bowl and given by axis, then light up the fire at the and of the axis. The only thing different is the receptacle, it depends with the creativity and social strate. In the royal environment, the receptacle made by silver. But humans are not enough to dream. They continue to dream of practicality in life. Petromak was created as a semi-modern oil lamp. The base material for the lighting is still with oil, but the flame it produces is brighter. humans continue to innovate continuously dreaming of being able to illuminate the surroundings. Urgently need lighting in life for various purposes.


Posted on:

March 4, 2021